Hacking Sales

The Playbook For Building a High Velocity Sales Machine

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“I've been a fan of Max's and Sales Hacker since he started. Max's sorted through the maelstrom of sales & marketing apps out there to cut through the clutter and show us some creative & practical ways to automate sales drudgery. Well done sir!”

Aaron Ross

Author of Predictable Revenue

Who This Book is For


Build a streamlined sales process that can scale and allow you to onboard reps that can immediately close deals

Sales Reps

Get the hacks and tactics you need to give you an edge over the competition and help you blast through quota

Sales Managers

Want to know how to build a sales org that runs like a well oiled machine?

What You Will Learn

The world of sales is heating up. The industry is being transformed through Sales Automation and Acceleration.
Keep up or get left behind.

Find Your ICP

Take your customer targeting to the next level.

Build a Pipeline

Fill your sales org with leads that will convert

Leverage Technology

Take advantage of the wide array of sales automation and acceleration software.

Test, Measure, Optimize

Get full transparency into your process so you can be more efficient than ever before.

Close Deals Faster

Know more about your buyer and build a rapport at scale.

Just Win

Be the best salesperson on your team and in your company. Make your name scare your competitors.

What People Are Saying

"Companies that embrace technology and data in their sales process will build the world class sales organizations that win. Hacking Sales creates an actionable, cutting edge sales process that can scale with your sales org and the ever changing world of technology."

Mark Roberge

CRO - Hubspot

"Max is one of the original hackers and like all hackers he's full of tips and tricks for you to follow and swallow to master the game of sales. It doesn't matter how much experience you have selling, you will most certainly gain some new knowledge by reading this book. It is chock full of unique ideas and approaches for you to use. This is a must read for anyone just getting into sales."

Doug Landis

VP of Sales Productivity - Box

"Max has become a dominant force in the next wave of sales: the use of technology, training, and best practices to turn sales into a true science. Hacking Sales has uniquely captured these changes, bringing together sales thought leadership and leading next generation technologies to together quantify and scale sales dramatically faster than ever before. Kudos, and thank you, to Max.""

Jason Lemkin

Co-founder and CEO - Echosign (Acquired by Adobe)

Your Guide to Modern Sales

Learn How to Leverage More Than 150+ Sales Tools, Hacks, Tactics, and Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales!

Max Altschuer


About the Author

Max Altschuler has been an entrepreneur his whole life and learned sales at an early age from his father, David, who was a Pioneering Certified Financial Planner.

His entrepreneurial journey led him to San Francisco to work for an online education company called Udemy, in which he was the first sales hire and built the process that launched the Instructor side of the marketplace.

Udemy recently raised a $32 million dollar series C round of funding with a valuation in the hundreds of millions. After Udemy, Max helped build the AttorneyFee marketplace as the Vice President of Business Development and departed after their acquisition by LegalZoom.

He started Sales Hacker, Inc. to help other startups with fewer resources to sell their products and services to large corporations. This book is a product of the community and we're excited to see the growth and innovation that comes out of it.

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Hacking Sales

The Playbook For Building a High Velocity Sales Machine

Buy the PDF Version